Discover Your Voice Workshops

Corinne Gibbons is an accomplished Australian singer/songwriter who is passionate about inspiring people to discover the singer within us all. In her unique and uplifting team building workshops, Corinne leads a singing and songwriting session that joyfully connects the whole room in a soulful new way. Corinne deeply believes that every voice matters and her workshops are built around ensuring all who attend feel supported and comfortable. Corinne’s mission:

  • Inspire more inclusive decision making.
  • Support people to tune into their personal and professional values and vision.
  • Make a positive contribution to communities, to clients and to all the people organisations serve.
  1. Home Run Choir Corinne & the Unilever team 3:27
  2. Joyful Choir Corinne and the Moet Hennessy Diageo team 4:03


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Corinne has engaged with the world’s most high-profile brands including Moet Hennessy, Merrill Lynch, Nike, Unilever and to empower their teams to find a new harmony together. “Many people have been told they can’t sing,” Corinne says. “The transformation I witness when people realise they can sing is mind-blowing, I just love it,” she continues. “When the oxytocin starts flowing after 20 minutes of singing together, the realisation of how fantastic it makes you feel and how energetically you want to keep doing it is very strong throughout the group,” she explains.


“What a tour de force! Smashing success, thank you for making magic!”
– Tim Love, Vice Chairman CEO, APIMA Omnicom Group

“Great team building session, a lot of fun and pleasure to sing all together, and discovering that YES WE CAN!”
– Arnaud Trevesani, Business Development General Manager, Asia-Pacific L’Oreal

“It’s amazing to see how the blending of different voices, tones & sounds can bring about such beautiful music.”
– The Body Shop


Corinne’s positive energy and sense of humour creates an inclusive atmosphere that creates an immediate shift at her workshops, even for those who have never burst into song.

“It’s an amazing experience to connect with a group of singers,” Corinne says. “If you can talk – you can sing!” This shared creative experience and collaboration allows attendees to weave their personal values and truth with their professional values into a song that they perform together.

“I like to remind the group: “If all the birds in the forest compared their voices the woods would be silent,” she says. “This helps people get comfortable in their own voice and group voice.”