About Discover Your Voice

Corinne Gibbons is an accomplished Australian singer/songwriter and team building facilitator who is passionate about helping people worldwide discover their voice, both individually and collectively. Corinne’s first language is music. She adores teaching others to be fluent and develop the confidence and emotional intelligence to communicate via this powerful medium.


Corinne’s rich creative life as a well-travelled touring and recording artist has taken her around the globe countless times and imbued her with an innate talent for tuning into the universal vocal vocabulary. This proficiency comes into play whether Corinne is performing with world-class musicians, mentoring young singers or leading a team building workshop where attendees discover the unique joy of singing together. Corinne chronicles memorable moments from her travels on her blog, “The Singing Nomad.”


Corinne believes that every voice matters. Helping all she works with to overcome their nerves and gently ease them into singing is a finely-honed skill she’s developed over a lifetime of writing, recording and performing music. “A safe space where people are encouraged to relax is key,” Corinne says.

Corinne is passionate about teaching children of the world to sing together. “When you’re young, you have so much capacity to learn to sing naturally and easily,” Corinne says. Learning to sing in harmony as a child can have a massive impact on developing confidence, emotional intelligence and self love, all attributes tomorrow’s leaders will need in the fast moving 21st century. “Kids will have more opportunities if they can connect creatively,” Corinne says. Learn more about her “Search for The Sparkle” children’s musical project and work with children here.


Corinne’s music career and global team building workshops have taken her as far afield as South East Asia, Europe, Jordan, Morocco and the United States Australia. Her collaborations are vast and diverse – from writing songs and leading a choir for underprivileged children at a community school in India to introducing the senior executive team at Moet Hennessy to the wonderful world of creative expression through songwriting and performance. “I feel like we had a spiritual experience,” a leading Moet Hennessy executive said of Corinne’s “Discover Your Voice” workshop. Learn more about the workshops here.