Meet Musician Corinne Gibbons

Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Corinne Gibbons has been singing for a lifetime. Her unique sound is a soulful jazz hybrid with a pop sensibility and an earthy folk spirit that has been embraced by a devoted global audience over five full-length albums and countless tours.

Corinne’s in-demand songwriting skills have kept her involved with a myriad of creative musical projects including her original team building workshops, special events and all-star musical collaborations. All of her work is infused with a joyful energy borne from the ancient art of storytelling in song. Listen to her records here.

Corinne’s Musical Story in Brief

Corinne made her recording debut in 2000 with her first album, “Dusk,” a loving exploration of sunset featuring some of Australia’s most exciting jazz musicians. In the same year, she released “Sunday Afternoon,” a live album capturing an extraordinary show from her five year residency at Sydney’s Shakespeare Hotel.

“The Shakespeare Hotel residency was a wonderful experience I shared with an audience who were so loyal,” she says. “One of the most exciting moments during the live record was when someone in the crowd yelled ‘show some emotion!’ and we realised they were requesting a Joan Armatrading song,” she laughs. So, an impromptu cover appeared on a record – a great example of the spontaneity and focus on crowd connection that infuses all of her art.

Corinne has travelled extensively, with creative collaborators serendipitously drawn to her throughout her adventures. “One of the things I love about being a musician is when something resonates, we have this mutually exciting experience together,” she says.

Search for The Sparkle

Her early connection with the power of vocal expression deeply informs Corinne’s work with young children, who she believes will learn to communicate more fluently when exposed to musical training at a young age. Beyond developing their musical talents, she believes teaching mindfulness practice in tandem can have an enormous positive impact on the young people she mentors.


Corinne’s experience as a musical educator began as a teenager. Winning a place at university based on her singing audition, she was initiated into the world of reading music via a baptism of fire. Whilst she had sung by ear since she was a child, reading music was a skill she was yet to conquer as she began her degree. Recruited by her university lecturer to perform as a session singer on his musical project, Corinne joined two accomplished singers in-studio without prior training.

With the pressure of the upcoming recording and performance driving her forward, within two months Corinne could not only read music but had earned her first vocal teaching position. This deep understanding of the daunting nature of taking the leap as a singer informs her gentle and loving style of musical education and is another reason why her team building workshops are so deeply enjoyed by such a wide range of people.

Finding A New Harmony: Team Building with Heart

Corinne’s exhilarating team building workshops began taking shape over a decade ago. After a tumultuous year, she moved to Singapore to facilitate drum-based team building workshops, an instrument she had never played but quickly learned. When she shifted her focus back to teaching the craft of songwriting and singing in harmony, this became a passionate expression of her lifestyle that she has shared with some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies. She has dedicated her life to making music and gently introducing the unfamiliar to this magical experience.

“I am living what I’d like to support within corporations,” Corinne says of the singing and songwriting workshops she leads. “I love the diversity and am drawn to weaving stories from people with wildly different backgrounds; the cross-cultural cross-pollination is really exciting.” Learn more about your next team building workshop here.

Corinne’s Creative Universe Right Now

Most recently, she has been co-producing and writing with award-winning pianist and producer Mo Pleasure on a range of projects in Singapore, Los Angeles and Australia. She has been co-producing an album a wonderful new artist whom she has been coaching vocally. Flo Olavarria’s debut album is due for release in 2018.

She is also in the early stages of writing her next album with a world-class group of musicians and Australian producer and recording artist Sarah Belkner. Learn about Sarah Belkner and her artistic perspective here.

The pilot of Search For the Sparkle has been generously funded and will be available to schools in this year – stay tuned for the release date! Learn more about Corinne’s current musical projects here.